Ways to Apply

To determine whether we can help you, LawLine paralegals must screen you for eligibility. During this brief screening, we will gather demographic information including household size; income and asset information; conduct a required check for conflicts of interest; and get a brief description of your legal problem.

There are three ways to apply for our services.


Call toll-free (866)-534-5243 to reach our legal intake and advice hotline, LawLine, from 9:00am to 3:30pm on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. If you have trouble reaching us with a cellphone from outside our service area (a different area code or exchange), dial (434)-455-3080 to contact LawLine.


Our online application will pre-screen your eligibility and collect essential information, but you will still need to call LawLine and speak to an intake paralegal to confirm your information and complete the application. The Online Application speeds up the application process by providing a LawLine priority code.


If you do not have phone or internet access, you are welcome to use a phone in one of our local offices to contact LawLine. We do not accept applications for assistance in person.