Thank you for reviewing this Executive Summary of Virginia Legal Aid Society’s Five Year Strategic Plan for 2018-2022. We look forward to hearing your comments.

To provide the best legal services possible for our area, VLAS will, over the next five years:

  1. Solve critical legal needs
  2. Increase our effectiveness
  3. Increase community engagement

This is how we plan to accomplish these goals:

Solve critical legal needs   We will:

  • improve housing safety and affordability by reducing unsafe housing, protecting access to affordable housing and enforcing tenant and applicant rights to subsidized housing admission
  • improve health care and benefits by obtaining and protecting eligibility for health-care programs, enforcing provision of dental services to Medicaid children, obtaining and maintaining government benefits that clients deserve and removing barriers to employment
  • promote family stability and education by protecting personal safety; obtaining clients’ divorces, support and custody goals; protecting educational rights of children; protecting parental rights; and providing advance planning documents, and
  • protect consumers’ income and assets by increasing the number of cases we handle and increasing the dollar amounts the consumers recover in these cases.

Increase our effectiveness   We will:

  • increase our impact by maximizing the number of advocates on our staff, equipping our staff with the training, support and guidance they need, and responding to new trends
  • promote community knowledge of the work we do and people’s legal rights while encouraging ongoing feedback from the community, and
  • make the best use of technology to improve the applicants’ experience, while we provide more training to maximize use of the technology we have and plan to adopt the next generation of hardware and software advances.

Increase community engagement   We will:

  • tell more stories about our clients while respecting their privacy,
  • increase our exposure in public media
  • increase direct communications to our supporters, and
  • promote a continuous flow of information, ideas, needs and partnerships between VLAS and the communities we serve.


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